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Win 8 tablet evaluation of LiveFan F3S


 Win 8 tablet evaluation of LiveFan F3S

ALiveFan F3S Win8 Tablet Review


LiveFan is LiveFan F3S joint Intel , Microsoft , Huawei to build the country's first to support 4G network in Win8 combo tablet . LiveFan F3S Tablet PC with a whole new generation Intel  quad-core 3770D Bay Trail processor core 22nm super pole, secondary cache 2MB, HD Graphics integrated graphics core, 2.41GHz peak frequency, support for 64-bit systems.

Rising domestic Win 8 tablet evaluation of merry Where F3S

As a key partner of Intel, was in LiveFan F3S IDF 14 Conference exhibit exquisite appearance and excellent operating experience to the participants left a deep impression. More after the sale is to win many users sought. LiveFan F3S dual charging design, the appearance is finally light portable side, for business people and the pursuit of the ultimate use.

LiveFan F3S Diamond Edition
Time to market March 2014
Operating system Windows 8.1
Processor core Quad-core
Graphics chip Intel HD Graphic
Processor Architecture X86 architecture
Processor clock speed 1.5GHz
Processor Model Intel Atom Z3770D
Processor Technology Intel Core Tablet
The maximum frequency 2.41GHz
System Memory 2GB
Storage Capacity 64GB
Storage media eMMC
Storage expansion Support Micro SD (TF) card, maximum support 128GB
Screen Size 10.1 inches
Screen Resolution 1920 x12 00
Screen Description Capacitive touch screen, multi-touch screen
Pointing device Touch screen
Screen Features Ten-point touch screen
Screen pixel density 224PPI
WiFi function 802.11b/g/n wireless protocol
Network mode Support for external 3G expansion
Bluetooth Support, Bluetooth 4.0 module
Camera Dual Camera (Front: 2.0 megapixel , rear: 200 /5000000 pixels ) Optional
Video Player Support 1080P video playback
Battery Type Lithium polymer battery, 8000 mA
Life time About 8-10 hours, the specific time depending on use environment
Power Adapter DC (9V, 2A) Adaptive AC power supply

Device Parameters

We've seen a lot of cross-border products, PC / tablet combo devices are also a large number, but the product can do, like LiveFan F3S so rare, its thinnest at only 4.5mm, and support for 4G network, to achieve a true sense of anytime, anywhere office needs. Whether it is for business or portable devices like students, office workers and other users, will be such a portability, performance and operating experience for tablet devices are excellent impressed.

LiveFan F3S Intel quad-core 3770D processor, relatively well in terms of performance, handling everyday documents, play movies and games operations can easily deal with. In terms of power consumption, can support 8-10 hours of battery life, using no pressure on the road, the entire trip can be convenient and efficient processing of transactions, the whole is not dropped.


2black and white look rich interface functions


LiveFan F3S black and white body design, front panel with most Tablet PC uses the same black color, then the shell is the use of white plastic and polished surface, no matte design, steady business style and show a youthful vitality, suitable for multi-age groups, multi-environment, where you will not seem weird.

Rising domestic Win 8 tablet evaluation of merry Where F3S

The front panel

LiveFan before the top panel F3S front camera, specifications for 2 million pixels , is located in the middle position, to facilitate the use of video and telephone conference calls. Below is a virtual Home button (Win key), and the volume keys can be used in conjunction with screen shots.

Rising domestic Win 8 tablet evaluation of merry Where F3S

After the shell

LiveFan F3S white shell is very simple, the middle is livefan of silver Logo. The top-right position after the shell is 5MP rear camera, with protruding design, and not living in the middle, but set in a golden point position. Rear camera image quality more general, but can also be done using the usual recording. Affixed to the lower left partner Intel and Microsoft's trademark Windows 8 system.

Rising domestic Win 8 tablet evaluation of merry Where F3S

Speaker and volume keys

LiveFan F3S  interface and buttons throughout the four sides, to include all of the features, although many but not significant clutter. Located above the volume keys and speakers. Volume keys on the left top, using the same white plastic back shell, press the feeling is good. The speaker adopts hollow design does not use dust network, it seemed more inadequate.

Rising domestic Win 8 tablet evaluation of merry Where F3S

Rich interface

Interfaces are located on the left side of the fuselage, including the vast majority of LiveFan F3S external connectivity. We can see from the down turn is the reset button, power button, headphone jack, HDMI interface, TF card slot, Micro USB interface (rechargeable), USB 3.0 Interface, DC charging port and microphone, very rich .


3network communications leather keyboard comfortable to use


LiveFan one of the functions F3S right body carries the most unique - 4G network . LiveFan F3S using Huawei 's communication module 4G network solutions that can support down Unicom WCDMA 3G network to achieve network connectivity anytime, anywhere, bring us experience feelings never dropped.

Rising domestic Win 8 tablet evaluation of merry Where F3S

Communication Module

Interface communication modules located in the upper right side, the use of white dust cover cover, open the dust cover can be installed on the SIM card communication module connected with the LiveFan F3S, then you can connect to the network for data exchange a.

Rising domestic Win 8 tablet evaluation of merry Where F3S

Bottom of the fuselage contacts

Set the keyboard can be connected to the contacts with the bayonet LiveFan F3S bottom of the fuselage, you can use an external keyboard LiveFan the configuration. As a characteristic feature of both business tablet , keyboard LiveFan F3S configuration can greatly improve the efficiency of our document processing, thereby improving productivity.

Rising domestic Win 8 tablet evaluation of merry Where F3S

A book with the same

Here we look at the LiveFan F3S keyboard. The overall use of leather material, exterior is very soft, feel good in hand, the internal use of fluff designed to protect the inside of the body from scratches and wear.

LiveFan F3S keyboard set together with a book when what difference, 10-inch sizes with more than 400 grams of weight to make music where F3S has a very good portability, bring it to travel, to enjoy the full functionality at the same time will not feel a little cumbersome, this is the ultimate pursuit of business professionals.

Rising domestic Win 8 tablet evaluation of merry Where F3S

Adjustable angle

We can expand the keyboard sets according to their needs to adjust the angle of the keyboard LiveFan F3S supports two sets of angle adjustment, magnet sleeve attached to the keyboard can easily be done.

Keyboard and is also connected to the body by a magnet, and the keyboard sleeve snaps and fit body groove can guarantee the correct position when the cover above the keyboard contacts and contacts with the body of the fitting, we You can use the keyboard to operate this equipment LiveFan F3S it.


4Win8 system is easy to operate and easy to use


LiveFan F3S equipped with the full version of Win8 system, which means that you can in this tabletusing the application on the upper end of the vast majority of PC, so you can take advantage of Microsoft'sadvantage in the application of resources, and This while maintaining the system is running smoothly and very friendly price advantage.

Rising domestic Win 8 tablet evaluation of merry Where F3S

Metro interface

If you are an old user Win8 system, and that you use it to run on a platform  the LiveFan F3S  Win 8.1 SST system will feel very familiar, but it is on the small size of the system Win8 tablet experience optimized, there is no difference with our common Windows 8.1 system in terms of functionality.

Rising domestic Win 8 tablet evaluation of merry Where F3S

Application Interface

Overall, the relative emphasis on entertainment and the Android system iOS, the system is equipped with Win8.1 LiveFan F3S more practical, it can complete replace the traditional PC to complete all your work needs. But after some time I have used discovered the existence of the problem, if you do not use capacitive pen or an external mouse, that under Win8.1 traditional interface operation becomes not so easy, traditional interface optimized for touch operation also slightly less.


5Performance Testing relatively good deal quickly


LiveFan F3S processing chip is Intel BayTrail-T quad-core processor Z3770D, clocked at 1.5GHz, up to 2.41GHz. Usually we used to test the Tablet PC performance software applications are mostly Android platform, in which we use several more representative test tool for testing.

Rising domestic Win 8 tablet evaluation of merry Where F3S

Processor Information

3DMark 11 is one of the world's most popular computer performance benchmarking software. 3DMark 11 is designed to measure the performance of PC games designed to test the software, can be widely used in all the new features DirectX 11, including tessellation (Tessellation), compute shader (Compute Shader) and multi-threaded rendering (Multi-threading ).

Rising domestic Win 8 tablet evaluation of merry Where F3S


In this test we use Advanced mode, LiveFan F3S score of 194, compared with the current Intel core product flat performance more generally.

Rising domestic Win 8 tablet evaluation of merry Where F3S

Google V8 Bechmark

First, we are provided with the Google V8 Bechmark testing, Google V8 Bechmark test suite contains a set of pure JavaScript test items, is a generic test browser handles JavaScript testing standards, in this testToshiba 's score WT8-AT01G of 4282, the current flat products is already quite high.

Rising domestic Win 8 tablet evaluation of merry Where F3S

"Master Lu" Test

"Master Lu" tests, the tablet got 32,453 points, compared to the average performance of the notebook are not much better. Thus, the overall performance of LiveFan F3S enough to catch up with the majority of notebook computers.

Rising domestic Win 8 tablet evaluation of merry Where F3S


Geekbench is a comprehensive test tool compatible with multiple platforms that can support Apple , Windows, Solaris and Linux systems, you can visit the main CPU computing power and memory systems. In this test the LiveFan F3S score of 892 single-core, multi-core 2252, large enough to demonstrate the powerful Intel Core performance.


6versatile operating system and PC experience is no different


LiveFan F3S equipped with Windows8.1 full-featured operating system, the system is compatible with most of the suffix. exe application. So very often play online games compatible with it? We will file size 1.63GB of "Fantasy Westward Journey 2 Classic Edition" to LiveFan F3S installed, the installation process is very smooth, and we install the application on the PC is no different.

Rising domestic Win 8 tablet evaluation of merry Where F3S

"Fantasy Westward Journey 2 Classic Edition" Installation

In addition to the suffix. Outside exe games and programs, we can also Microsoft's App Store to download the application and install a large number of touch-touch game, but you can add handles to enhance the operating experience. Such as "Halo," "real racing", which are among the more popular, more popular games.

Rising domestic Win 8 tablet evaluation of merry Where F3S

App Store

Rising domestic Win 8 tablet evaluation of merry Where F3S

Office 2013 office suite

Of course, Windows system is indispensable Office suite, LiveFan F3S are equipped with Windows 8.1 system integrates a full suite of Office 2013 office suite, with applications to random, simply sign up to use Microsoft account activation.


LiveFan F3S is a more representative Win8 tablet computer , both PC's function, we measured the test, the performance is very good. And a tablet with excellent portability and relatively good performance, we are living and working in the right-hand man.

Rising domestic Win 8 tablet evaluation of merry Where F3S


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