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Why Secret ifive X3 eMMC peak of up to 35Mb / s

 Why Secret ifive X3 eMMC peak of up to 35Mb / s!


Several users in the five core elements measured ifive X3, are specially praised increased dramatically ifive X3 write performance compared to the previous models at least 5-6 times improved. ifive X3 mention derived from the more remarkable speed memory chips, EMMC memory chips from Toshiba TOSHIBA's.

    eMMC (Embedded Multi Media Card) for the MMC Association entered into primarily for mobile products based embedded memory standard. eMMC an obvious advantage in the package is an integrated controller that provides a standard interface and memory management, so that the product can be focused on the development of other parts of the mobile phone manufacturers, and shorten the time to market of products. These features reduce the hope that the size and cost of the lithographic NAND suppliers, equally important.

    The current production EMMC memory chip manufacturers more, but the higher cost, superior performance comparison is mainly TOSHIBA and SanDisk. Xiaobian to introduce home from SanDisk iNAND about some of the advantages emmc store.

    SanDisk iNAND is the research and development of memory chips, can simply be seen as an SD card or MMC card chip. Users can default he is the SD card or MMC card. 
    Relative MLC, iNAND advantages. One improve performance and reduce the workload of SOC, SOC saving resources. 
    If you make use of MLC storage, SOC FLASH to participate in the bad block management, ECC correction management, SOC will sacrifice some performance while using iNAND words, FLASH iNAND management job has completed, SOC iNAND only when needed to read and write , other times completely to ignore iNAND. 
    Second reading and writing speed, iNAND built-Cache module, if you want to store the file is less than 4K of small capacity, Cache can help users improve the speed to about 10 times the MLC, and Cache module does not require the user to control, as long as the small-capacity file storage , Cache automatically start, very convenient. iNAND can be built MLC FLASH simulation become as SLC, SLC is iNAND has read and write speeds and other performance to improve literacy rate. 
    Its three products more reliable and stable, NAND built-in power-down protection, Wear leveling and other SANDISK patented technology that can help customers improve literacy FLASH life, and suddenly power down the system to prevent damage to the system files, reduce product failure rates.

ifive X3 write speed software testing.

Copy multiple files at the rate basically stable 25Mb / s or more.

    As people in the selection of the tablet when thin, durable life considerations and other factors have increased. As a flash memory packaging specifications, eMMC has the best cost-effective, thinner and more power-saving features. Five elements ifive X3 is designed not only to 7mm slim narrow bezel design has won a great feeling. Whether configured RK3188 four core games, video or load pages can smooth and comfortable, the performance should not be overlooked.


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