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IFive 3 official figure exposure!

IFive 3 official figure exposure!

    Before the ifive of this new machine ifive 3 annual flagship publication, disclosure HD big picture, the five elements fans have for the upcoming new flat full of expectations. As the last of a ifive 2013 Signature Series Tablet, ifive 3 since the first chapter of spy photos also affects every moment without the user's nerves, at present, this mysterious tablet exposed a few official pictures, although No showing too many details, but look ifive 3 has been completely determined.

    Also from the picture to see the aircraft has a narrow frame and HD retina, are the ifive of the unique technologies are also ifive can be distinguished from other tablet tablet ifive biggest different. Perhaps as remarkable series Zhengming, ifive 3 in appearance to users of all ages. Apple is in addition to the ifive in the country, one of only sense of design companies.

    From the exposure of the image point of view, ifive 3 seems to look quite similar to ifive X3, only a slight difference in the number of local details, but news also shows the aircraft continued the remarkable series of second-generation IPS retina and metal machine body, long battery life and ultra-high resolution retina, video playback functions.

    ifive 3 continues to see remarkable series of extreme light inspired design, exquisite selection and the perfect combination of innovative technology. ifive 3 built-in HDMI output, vibration sensor, gravity sensor and Hall switch, front rear 5000000 2000000 autofocus camera. Outstanding performance, but it has more advantages in price, everything just to cater to your unchanging mind.

    ifive skin and the upcoming Android 4.4 upgrade, with more stable performance and a number of fun features. Whether it is to live, work, entertainment or creative, ifive skin unique style and user-friendly interface plug-in functionality, are often able to bring you more inspiration.

    The official figure so that we can more clearly see the picture ifive 3, equipped with a 9.7-inch full HD screen and powerful narrow frame design, so the whole size reduced by 15%, while the effect of the screen was showing a more extreme.More users care about is what ifive 3 when the market? Please pay attention to the subsequent media coverage!

    Since the ifive tablet from the market firmly to attract the user's attention, and continued selling, continue to praise. Currently ifive mini3, ifive 2S HD, ifive X2 and other new Lynx hot


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